Sneaky Organ Meat

Sneaky Organ Meat

Don’t stop reading yet.  Organ meat is one of the best ways to get tons of nutrients that you cannot get in any other food.  Did you know that organ meat was considered the prized meat of many traditional cultures?   In fact, some tribes only ate the organ meat and tossed the lean muscle meat!

Organ meat is extremely rich in all fat soluble vitamins, essential fatty acids and tons of trace minerals.  Not that long ago families would eat liver and onions once a week.  Now recommendations have gone against this practice due the fear of toxins in liver.  Toxins are actually not stored in the liver, but the liver does play a role in neutralizing the toxins that come through.  It is still important to purchase liver or any organ meat from healthy pastured raised animal.

Even though I knew of the benefits of eating organ meat, the thought of somehow getting that to my mouth just grossed me out completely.  I wasn’t raised with it in my house and so therefore like most people I know it seemed too repulsive. The benefits of eating organ meat kept coming up so eventually I decided to give it a go.  I cooked up some liver and onions and I took one bite and just couldn’t do it.  I actually wanted to like it because I knew it was a superfood but it wasn’t working out for me.  After listening to a podcast from these gals I learned that a nice way to ease into eating organ meat was to start with tongue or heart because they most resemble the muscle meat we are used to.

I bought a meat grinder and went to work!  I divided it up and would add a small amount to any ground beef dish meal I prepared.  I couldn’t taste it the first time.  Success!  So I added a bit more and got to a happy place where it wasn’t too much.  I was eating organ meat, hip, hip, hooray!

Then came the liver.  I started with the same principle- grind it up, divide into small portions and add a bit to any ground beef dish I prepare.  I don’t know if I’ll get to a point where I just eat a straight organ for dinner but this is a great place to start.



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  1. Love this post on getting liver in for the fam. Quick Q’s though: Are you concern with freezing the liver twice? Thanks!

  2. Eating Innately says:

    No, I think the benefit of eating it outweighs any concern of the double freezing.

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