Party Gummies with Native Nectar Juice!! (The WAY better version of a Jello Shot)

Have you ever had the most amazing idea and then it fails.  And it fails again and again and again AND again!?!  Well that happened to me when I had the brilliant idea to introduce you to the amazing Native Nectar juice through some Par-tay Gummies.  Remember Jello shots?  Well, I thought hey,  I’ve got a great recipe for gummies so lets just swap out some ingredients, add a little alcohol and done.  I mean hell, if you’ve got a healthy juice, grass fed gelatin and maybe a dash of kombucha, the alcohol pretty much doesn’t even count!  You’ve detoxed while you’re drinking.  BRILLIANT!  After I tried a billion times, the most simple recipe happened.  <face slap>  Oh, and you’ll be glad to know I wasn’t boozing it up with all these failed attempts.   Mostly of the fails just turned into a gooey mush.   The good news is the possibilities are endless and can be so much fun!

So before we talk about these beauties let me tell you about my friend Wilson at Native Nectar.  This guy is a go getter and on a mission to change the health of our state.  He’s been making cold pressed organic juices for just over a year and is now broadening his menu to include fast, easy and convenient healthy fast food!  The new menu will include a variety of ready-to-eat and grab-and-go, 100% organic meals, geared towards healthy lifestyles with options for vegan, paleo, and gluten-free.   Yay for Northwest Arkansas!  Please go check out his kickstarter campaign and give him some love!  I’m so excited to see it all come together!

Drum roll please….

Party Gummies (These do contain alcohol.  PLEASE be careful.  They are addictive!)

I’ve tried 3 variations with Native Nectar Juice but I think my fave is the Salty Dog 🙂 The basic recipe is the same, just swap out the juice and alcohol.  Also, I ended up doing all of these in an 8×8 pyrex pan and then cutting them into squares.  You could make them fancy by pouring into glass shot glasses or small plastic cups for a more college style.  Whatever tickles your fancy 🙂  Enjoy!!


Salty Dog Gummies


  • 1 C Native Nectar Grapefruit Juice
  • 2 Tbsp Honey
  • 3 Tbsp Vital Proteins Gelatin*
  • 1/2 C Gin


    1. Pour your alcohol into a glass cup, and refrigerate while you make your gelatin mixture.
    2. Add the juice and honey to a small pan and heat on medium heat for 4-5 min.  You don’t need it to boil, just hot enough for the gelatin to dissolve.
    3. Turn off the heat.  SLOWLY add the gelatin to the juice, whisking continuously until it is completely dissolved.
    4. Mix in your  cold alcohol and pour into an 8×8 pyrex glass baking dish (or mold of choice) and refrigerate immediately
    5. After about 2 hours or so they will be ready to cut into squares and serve.
    6. Add a sprinkle of sea salt right before serving (optional).

Pinky Up Gummies

Use the the above recipe, but sub Grapefruit Juice for Native Nectar Pinky Up Juice, and sub gin for vodka. Omit step #6.

You Enjoy Myself Gummies

Use the above recipe, but sub Grapefruit Juice for Native Nectar You Enjoy Myself Juice, and sub gin for coconut rum. Omit step #6.



*If you’re local to Fayetteville, we carry the gelatin at our office.  Come see us!

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