21 Day Sugar Detox and more!

21 Day Sugar Detox and more!

I jokingly mentioned doing a 21 DSD on  a facebook post a while back, and what ended up happening was a lot more.  Now, this wasn’t my first rodeo,  I’ve done the program twice before this point,  and so going forward I decided to elaborate on my intention.  Maybe because my body was ready to detox in other ways too.  So I moved forward (without sugar, without alcohol and without dark chocolate…I know, I already said sugar, but DC has a category of it’s own in my world) for 21 days.

Well, it was actually 20 days because one night I had a special event, and I did indulge in all that was offered (can you blame me?! check this out!).  AND then there was a friend’s birthday, so minus one more day…and I might have licked that chocolate bowl when I was making the birthday cake the night before so I’m down to 18 days.  Did I really even do a detox!?!  I don’t know, but it was a good forthright effort.  And truthfully, is there every a good time to do a detox?  Look at your calendar.  Can you see 3 clear weeks with no holidays, birthdays, dinners, or special activities?   It’s super hard to find just the right time, so I recommend jumping in when you’re ready and just roll with it.  You may not be 100 percent, but take in the overall picture.

On this detox, what I also did (not included in this program), but to make it extra special, and for me what always feels fitting during a detox, was to give myself some love.  I got my hair done, I slept more, stretched more, meditated, read a lot of books, got a massage, connected to my family and friends on a deeper level.  I also signed off on facebook and instagram for one week.  And since everything else was just overall feeling so good, I added in 21 days of gratitude and paying in forward.  Thank you notes, food deliveries, gifts, and all around a whole lotta love.  It felt good.

If you’re feeling like you need a good clean sweep of your diet and maybe some other good stuff too, you should try the Mandy 21 day (+/-) detox!  Oh, and you should always finish a detox with a massive chocolate cake!


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